The 2013 Season

The 2013 season for trout and sea trout closed on 30 September and that for salmon on 31 October. Once again fishing this year has been been very mixed with periods of high fast flowing water followed by low levels. Based on returns submitted sea trout numbers were up and this was confirmed by sightings in the rivers throughout the season. Reported salmon catches have been very low.

Sadly members and guests once again have not been very responsive when it comes to sending in returns. It seems to be a pattern that only about 25% of ticketholders send in a return.This year the number of nil returns has outnumbered the number recording caught fish. The low number of returns does have an impact on the ability to manage the fishing effectively and without full figures assumptions have to be made when it comes to restocking brown trout. Indeed for the 2013 season it would appear that only a handful of stocked fish were caught. One could say therefore that there is very little point in stocking the river as 99% of fish caught are apparently wild. Over recent years the number of stock fish introduced each year has fallen, largely on account of cost. All introduced fish are sterile and thus cannot interbreed with wild fish. All stock fish are marked on the underside. As a proportion the number of unmarked fish has continued to rise indicating an underlying improvement in the state of wild fish.

Future fishing continues to be potentially threatened by 3 hydroelectric schemes being proposed for the Lune. One of these schemes at Halton has now been granted an extraction licence. Even the smallest impact of these could have a significant deleterious effect on salmon populations for the future. It should be remebered that the Lune is one of 3 index rivers in England where special measures may need to be taken to conserve stocks.

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2013 season
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